Scalable Cloud Printing Solution

Remote order printing

Ready to use once the printer is online, no need for complicated configurations and no restriction in terms of distance and location.

Easier to use and maintain

You only need to enter a few codes to quickly gain access, register and start printing. All printing tasks are managed uniformly by the cloud server, eliminating the risk of failures caused by third-party devices such as computers and mobile phones

Lost-proof cloud storage

The printer can automatically resume the printing process after recovery from unexpected situations such as power outage and network failures. It requires less manual management so that you can concentrate on business operations.

Extensive market demand

Cloud printing is also applicable in areas other than catering and food delivery, including flower shops, shopping malls, supermarkets, medical institutions, and retail stores. Cloud printing technology can effectively enhance the operating experience in all these areas.

One printer for multiple store fronts

Only one printer is enough to operate without the need for any computer or cellphone, convenient to implement various management schemes, meeting the needs of multiple users, and lowering implementation costs.

Higher efficiency with lower costs

One cloud printer is required for any off-site warehouse to automatically receive and print orders. No computer or manual operation is required, reducing costs while improving efficiency.

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Data flow of cloud printing

  • Phone / PC

  • SaaS server for client cloud application

    status feedback on encrypted content transmission
  • PaaS server of FEIE cloud printing

  • base station/WiFi router

  • FEIE4G/WiFi cloud printer (decryption by software/built-in chip)

FEIE Cloud Printers

Preferred Choice of

400,000 Merchants

FEIE cloud printer can automatically receive and print orders without the need for cell phone, computer, or any manual intervention. The printer can print orders anywhere, regardless of distance. After the customer submits an order through APP, WeChat or the cashier system, the cloud printer will automatically print the receipt
within 2 seconds. It can really
save time and manpower
for business

Multinational cloud solution,
supporting overseas API docking

Global cloud services covered by unified after-sales guarantee

No manual intervention and connection to mobile phone or computer

Multi-language support, accessible from anywhere

Multi-device Synchronized Printing
When order is submitted to the POS, synchronized order printing can be achieved through multiple machines at front desk and kitchen, improving operation efficiency.
Stable performance with zero omissions
Able to connect with various third-party platforms or self-developed systems and platforms
Multiple printers in a single POS to improve process efficiency
Automatic order receiving and receipt printing

Industrial-grade hardware

High-quality cutter and print head
Qualcomm communication chip
IOS9001, 3C certification
Strict aging test

Other Functions and Support

Transmission signal protection
Fast network connection switching (if equipped)
High printing quality
Print content customizable
Human voice reminder
Lifetime technical support

FEIE Cloud Solutions

Catering and Food Delivery Business

Improving operation efficiency, reducing operating costs and facilitating the food delivery business

Cashless Payment

Ensuring information security, expanding business possibilities, and improving user satisfaction

SaaS Management System

Addressing pain points of the catering industry, empowering business development and demonstrating professionalism to customers

Offline Store Fronts

Efficient, stable, and smart printing that enhances business experience

Cooperation Cases

Meituan Takeaway

Beijing Sankuai Technology Co., Ltd.

China's largest life service company and food delivery platform. As the cloud printing partner officially recognized by Meituan, FEIE provides products that facilitate the operation of merchants on the Meituan Takeaway platform in an easier and more convenient manner.


Shanghai Shouqianba Internet Technology Co., Ltd.

The largest offline third-party mobile payment service company in China. With FEIE’s extensive user base, Shouqianba realizes market deployment at a lower cost. And FEIE products together with the payment system bring good payment experience for merchants and customers.


Hangzhou Youzan Technology Co., Ltd.

China's leading SaaS service provider. FEIE Cloud's open API interface, which features high efficiency and high speed, enables Youzan to match the cloud printing needs of merchants in different industries, and the efficient and stable FEIE products also help improve user experience of Youzan solutions.


Guangzhou Qdama Agricultural Products Co., Ltd.

A leading catering and fresh food brand in China. In practical applications, Qdama's mobile app for fresh food delivery, together with FEIE cloud printing solution, have been well received by offline merchants. The easy-to-use operation of our solutions help significantly reduce the training cost of in-store personnel.