What is cloud printing?

Cloud printing refers to the technology by which printing equipment obtain printing information and perform printing remotely through broadband, WiFi, 4G and other networks. Unlike traditional printing methods that depend on USB and other wired connections or local wireless networks, cloud printing has no restriction in terms of distance and location. After customers make orders remotely through various methods, the in-store cloud printing equipment receive the orders and print corresponding receipts.
After the user makes an order, the order information is transmitted to the FEIE Cloud PaaS server through API interface, which will perform order processing and transcoding and then send the order to the printing device. In this way, the order retrieval and equipment maintenance are performed online, which help reduce failure rate to a minimum, ensuring smooth, stable, uninterrupted printing as well as business operation.

Why choose FEIE Cloud Print?

Less restrictions

Unlike traditional printers, cloud printing can be used from anywhere without the need for complex configurations or connecting to mobile phones or computers, therefore help reduce labor costs and errors

Greater scalability

Be able to be connected to various ERPs, invoicing software, trading platforms, etc. to print receipts, orders, and delivery notes. Support use of one printer by multiple store fronts

Easier to operate and maintain

You only need to enter a few codes to quickly gain access, register and start printing. All printing tasks are managed uniformly by the cloud server, eliminating the risk of failures caused by third-party devices such as computers and mobile phones

Better user experience

Support orders placed through computers, WeChat applets, H5 and web pages without the need for installing any PC or mobile software or applications. Print templates can be customized and designed according to clients’ needs, creating a better printing experience

FEIE Cloud Application Scenarios

In-house Code Scan Ordering
The customer walks in and places an order by scanning the code using mobile phone
The order information is uploaded to the server, processed, and sent to the printer
The printer prints the order
Complete preparation of the ordered food
The customer dines in the restaurant or takes the food out
Off-site Takeaway Orders
The customer places an order remotely using his/her phone
The server receives the order, processes, and sends it to the printer
The printer prints the order
Complete preparation of the ordered food
Takeaway packaging and delivery

FEIE Printing Products Ensure Reliable Cloud Printing

Special Features
Multiple network connection options (WiFi/4G/Ethernet, etc.), applicable in more offline scenarios Automatic network switching functions (in some models) ensuring the normal operation of cloud printing
Hardware Configuration
High-quality cutters and print heads ensure long service life Qualcomm chips ensures communication stability
3C, CE, ROHS, ISO9001 and other product quality certificates Patent for utility models, FC, and other professional product certificates

Advantages of FEIE Cloud Printing Solutions

Reliable Products

FEIE printers use high-quality hardware solutions and have passed 3C and other quality certifications, ensuring stable performance and efficient operation.

Mature Solutions

Multiple network connection options are available based on different scenarios. Since 2015, the number of merchant users has doubled on a yearly basis, and the stable performance of the products has been verified by 400,000 merchants.

Technical Support

We provide printing SDKs and API connection guidance, so as to accelerate implementation and reduce the cost of development iteration and operation.

After-sales Services

Professional technical support and after-sales teams can assist users to solve installation issues and technical problems, and service teams formed according to demands can meet the needs for uninterrupted daily service.