Catering and Food Delivery Business
Facilitate food delivery business by improving operating efficiency and reducing operating costs
Examples of successful cooperation
  • Beijing Sankuai Technology Co., Ltd.

    Affiliated to Meituan (the leading life service platform in China) Meituan Takeaway has occupied a leading position in online food ordering market, with about 2.66 million registered merchants on its platform.

    Shanghai Lazhasi Information Science Technology Co., Ltd.

    As one of the leading life service platforms in China, it is mainly engaged in instant food delivery, catering supply chain services and other business, and has 75.8585 million monthly active users.

Pain Points
Expensive equipment deployment

Ordinary printers can only work when connected to mobile phones or computers, leading to increased purchase and usage costs (wear and tear, call charges, etc.);

Requires computers/mobile phones

USB/Bluetooth printer needs to be connected to a computer/mobile phone to obtain printing signals, which increases the cost of deployment;

Dependence on the stability of single network signal

When the equipment used face unstable network signal issues, it is very easy to miss order(s), resulting in delayed food delivery and poor consumer experience;

High equipment failure rate

Unexplained errors in the printer or the server can disrupt normal order processing and adversely affect the reputation of the platform;


FEIE products support multiple network connection modes. For example, when using a WiFi+4G model, if one connection fails (due to weak signal, output device failure, etc.), the printer can quickly switch to the other connection and reconnect itself and then resume printing of orders left during the disconnection.

The printer can be bound to the software platform through the API interface, and each merchant operates independently without conflicts. One POS can have more than one printer so as to realize synchronized order printing at front desk and kitchen, improving operation efficiency.

Our products have been proved by 300,000+ merchants with a low failure rate. Moreover, we have dedicated technical and service teams that can help solve daily issues and ensure efficient business operation.

Compared with traditional solutions, using just one cloud printer can help you save at least RMB 1,000 in equipment (computer or cash register) purchase cost.

Advantages of the Solution
Free API support, perfect for using with self-built platforms
Ready to use with no need to connect other devices
Multi-device synchronized printing help improve operating efficiency and experience
No losing of orders during power failure and be able to automatically reconnect after disconnection