Cashless Payment
Improve information security, expand business possibilities, and enhance user satisfaction
Examples of successful cooperation
  • Shanghai Shouqianba Internet Technology Co., Ltd.

    The leading mobile payment service provider in China, with payment collection tools being used by 3.3 million offline stores.

    Lakala Payment Co., Ltd.

    As the leading platform of comprehensive inclusive financial technology services in China, Lakala has provided payment services to hundreds of millions of individual payment users.

Pain Points
Fail to adapt to diverse network environments

Existing printing equipment only supports limited connection methods and cannot adapt to diverse business environments;

Expensive solutions

The price for service + equipment solution is too high, which increases the cooperation threshold and adversely affects the competitiveness of payment service providers;

Information and account security

Non-compliant low-quality equipment may lead to higher risk of information and account leakage;

Lack of technical support

The system and equipment operate independently, and the equipment lacks official after-sales guarantee, influencing the operation efficiency of merchants;


FEIE Cloud's API interface supports many languages including PHP, Java, C#, Python, NodeJS, etc. It supports independent deployment and is well-suited for information encryption and secured transmission, meeting printing demands in multiple scenarios.

Payment data transmission can be realized by connecting the system to the FEIE cloud without using any other external devices. 4G or WiFi models are recommended under network environments with only GSM signal or WiFi respectively.

It supports barcode and QR code printing, enabling payment service providers to participate in aggregate marketing activities and expand their market.

Advantages of the Solution
Fast transmission and better user experience
Stable performance and strong scalability
Year-round service and technical support
Cloud platform is smarter, safer, and easy to implement