Offline Store Fronts
Efficient, stable, and smart printing, facilitating business operation
Examples of successful cooperation
  • Guangzhou Qdama Agricultural Products Co., Ltd.

    China's leading local fresh food delivery brand, specialized in fresh meat and vegetables markets, with more than one thousand outlets in China.

    Shanghai Zhengxin Food Group Co., Ltd.

    Affiliated to Zhengxin Group, it has built a food industrial chain integrating product research and development, production and processing, logistics distribution and franchising sales. Now it has 18,000 outlets in China.

Pain Points
No support for customized printing

It is difficult to develop appropriate print contents based on business characteristics

Frequent product failures

Poor product stability leads to frequent manual handling of paper jams and other problems;

Difficulty in adapting to online shopping malls/apps

Fail to connect with other applications or have frequent server failures after connection;

Difficulty in troubleshooting

Business loss due to failure to make troubleshooting in a timely manner in peak hours;


Offline store fronts are in greater needs for highly stable printing and data circulation, without affecting business settlement. FEIE can provide stable products and cloud print servers, and physical stores can also choose products that support the corresponding network according to their existing network conditions.

After finishing the design of printing information and connection with servers at backend of the online mall server, the printer can be deployed in all outlets by simple configurations. Furthermore, FEIE will also provide 24/7 technical and after-sales service support during its use.

Advantages of the Solution
Customizable print content
Stable product performance
Easy to implement Cloud platform
Year-round after-sales service and technical support