SaaS Management System
Address pain points of the catering industry, empower business development and demonstrate professionalism to customers
Examples of successful cooperation
  • Hangzhou Youzan Technology Co., Ltd.

    The largest e-commerce solution provider in China for all industries and scenarios, providing SaaS software products assisting merchants operate mobile social e-commerce and omni-channel new retail.

    Kingdee International Software Group Co., Ltd.

    A world leading online management and e-commerce service provider, providing services to more than 6.8 million enterprises and government organizations worldwide.

Pain Points
Lack of efficient information collaboration

There always exist problems in collaborative and efficient processes. An integrated solution is key to achieve efficiency improvement and cost reduction;

Lack of flexible equipment iteration

As catering companies continue to develop and change, relevant information construction also needs to be upgraded and iterated in a timely manner, giving rise to higher requirements on the flexibility of supporting equipment;

Failure to provide rapid troubleshooting

For restaurants, problems with information systems can be catastrophic. Therefore, efficient troubleshooting is of vital importance.

The front-end operation is not simple and intuitive enough

In order to better empower their clients, SaaS service providers must enhance back-end capacity, simplify their front-end operations, and combine suitable supporting equipment.


FEIE Cloud's API interface supports many languages including PHP, Java, C#, Python, NodeJS, etc. The platform is open and supports independent deployment, able to meet flexible printing demands.

After connecting FEIE cloud with the SaaS system, the printing formats and contents can be customized according to the needs of different positions, and printers can be deployed at different positions in kitchen and front desk, which can be connected to online reservation and ordering system of the front desk to operate.

You can choose a more suitable model (such as WiFi or Ethernet) according to the existing network conditions. After the printer is set, it can work without other operations, as long as the SaaS system is online.

FEIE provides all-year round service and technical supports and assists users to solve troubles in a timely manner.

Advantages of the Solution
Fast transmission and stable performance
Easy to implement Cloud platform
Comprehensive after-sales service and technical support
Ready for use in a variety of scenarios